Sunday, April 30, 2006

New stuff in our town.

Kickback Berlin got some new nice Mishka t-shirts for woman + man and the Size? Pack is droped at Solebox and Nort Berlin. Be quick and don't sleep the AM90s are dope!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Gold Song

You really have to check this song!!
You can download it for free!!!
Thanx to True Believer for this hint.

I heard someone say
That nothing gold can stay
But there's a love in our souls and it shines like gold
Shines like gold...

Bouncing Souls - The Gold Song

Friday, April 28, 2006

Muallem x Adicolor

Our friend Muallem have done some great work for Adicolor!
Waht more can i say?!
No one can say better abot his artwork than the artist himself...
Check his own words under the images.

By the way.....His music is F*C*ING great!!

Muallen on

Muallem about his work:

"When first taking a close look at the simple white colored Adidas Century I instantly remembered the old school days. A simple classic sneaker, comfortable to wear, suitable to each and every outfit. Best to take off once the train is done...

I first thought of customizing the shoes in a very bright colorful way with my logo printed on top in several disco colors. Nevertheless I realized that too much stuff would destroy the natural beauty of the sneakers and decided to work solely on the texture since I wanted to create a design I would wear myself and not something that remains in galleries and exhibitions. Functionality should always be incorporated into a shoe design. Additionally I was quite frustrated about the products offered by the sneaker industry within the past few years, pure sell-out, and the more color ways available the better. Fuck that!

First I cut off the three stripes in order to make the shoe even simpler, but left the stitches in order to create some tension within the simplicity. I perforated holes into the side area that was zoned by a single stitch line because I felt that this part of the shoe would add some dynamics. I realized that it looks a bit like an arrow pointing towards the back of the
shoe. The holes quite highlighted that area and added some beautiful but rough design to the shoe. Then I further highlighted that area by painting it grey. Grey because there was already a slightly different grey tone in the front area of the shoe and I wanted the shoe to contain various off-white tones. Somehow complex but still simple and classic. Finally I added a logo tag of mine that I attached to the shoe by using a vintage leather band and sprayed my logo in white on top of the shoebox. I wanted to create a product that could easily be displayed in stores without indicating that it¹s a handmade custom design. My intention was to cover all aspects of designing a pair of sneakers. The result is obvioussuitable to each and every outfitsome hint of street and lemon but still slick...MUALLEM Adicolor!"

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Berlin exhibitions in may.

Solebox will open the comming month withe the Puma Clyde exibition. Please click on the images!

Here the press-info (only in german! I'm to lazy to translate..........)

Der PUMA Clyde ist für PUMA wohl einer der beliebtesten und bedeutendsten Schuhe aus vergangenen Tagen und gehört seit seiner Markteinführung im Jahr 1973 zur zeitgenössischen Turnschuhkultur. Der Clyde war der erste Signatur-Sneaker im Basketball. Diese Version des beliebten PUMA Suede wurde speziell für die Basketballlegende Walt „Clyde“ Frazier angefertigt. Mit seinem Spitznamen „Clyde“ – nach dem Film Bonnie and Clyde - wurde Frazier im Laufe seiner Karriere sowohl auf dem Spielfeld als auch außerhalb zu einem Pionier in seiner Rolle als Stilikone.

Alle im Rahmen des Programms „From the PUMA Archive“ vorgestellten Produkte sind Neuauflagen aus PUMAs berühmter Sportlifestylegeschichte. Bei der Neuauflage wurden exakte Repliken mit modernisierten Farben oder Materialien kombiniert, so dass das Wesentliche des Originals erhalten wurde. Der vor kurzem neu aufgelegte PUMA Clyde vereint Originalfarbtöne mit einer Palette neuer Farbkombinationen.

Weitere Informationen zur Ausstellungstour und zu den Clyde und PUMA Archives finden Sie auf der Website


...and at the 26. the 95gallery will presents a Bearbrick show!! Stay tuned for more infos.

Supertalk is back.

Superfutures huge fashion forum Supertalk is back online!!

as you probably all know the board crashed on [april 13] and required some serious maintenence which is now all completed [april 25]... it is probably going to be a bit quieter around here for a week or so until people notice it is back please help us spread the news!

I love it. I hate it. I missed it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Solebox Opening

Bow! Bow!! Bow!! Oi! Oi! Oi! or just Hiiihhhhaaaa!!
Say whatever you want. ASPHALTGOLD is back!!
And we start with some exclusive pictures from the new Solebox store opening. Hikmets new shop is at the Nurnbergerstr. 16 in the good old West-Berlin!! They have a QS and a SB account. So when you are at the Ku-Damm please don't forget to take a better look at the new Solebox. The opening party was nice and cool. I hope this pics can give you some impressions from this event.

The look into the shop.
Sushi for the hungry masses.
The ID corner.
Chuckys friends.
Solebox x Nike ID (1 of 12).
The shoe shelfs in the back are very cool.
The "kick$" of the night! Big up to Tony Toupet.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Coming soon....